More About My Services


The Metaphysical Body and the Mind

We can all agree on the fact that we have a physical body. What many are just now coming to understand is that we have an energetic body as well, and that this body plays a large role in our health and well being. Our physical experience and expression actually begins to manifest first on an energetic level. If an imbalance occurs on an energetic level, it will eventually be expressed as an imbalance on the physical level. Many things dictate how well our energetic body functions, one of the most important factors being the way that we think about and perceive the world. The human mind is very powerful, and we can manifest wellness just as easily as we manifest sickness. My approach to help you reconnect to your optimal state of health is two-pronged: I help you clear the latent energies that are lingering in your energy body, and then I help you learn how to strengthen your mind and use it to your advantage, as well as how to continue to keep your energy body clear.  Wellness is about so much more than what we take in on a physical level-it is about what we consume energetically, through our interactions with other people, through what we listen to and watch. It is all food, and it all has a vibration. When we exist at a certain "vibration" energetically, sickness and dis-ease cannot exist within us. 

Belvaspata and Reiki

I practice two main modalities of energy healing: Belvaspata and Reiki. Each has their own unique benefits. Reiki, which translates to "spirit Energy" is the raw spiritual energy that makes up all things. I act as a channel for this energy to move through, and it intuitively heals what needs to be healed. Belvaspata is a newer modality of energy healing, that came into existence in 2006. It works with Angelic energy, and translates to "Angelic Healing of the Heart." It seeks to reconnect us to our heart energy, which is the bridge that connects all things. It serves as a reminder of our true Divine connection to Spirit, to God, and to the Angels, and all beings of light. Different sigils that contain specific vibrational frequencies are placed in the energy field to "draw in the light" and vibration of specific energies for the purpose of healing on all levels. 

Which modality is right for me?

Belvaspata is my specialty, as I am very connected to the Angels and love working with their frequency. I always recommend Belvaspata, but if you have never received energy healing before, and are more comfortable with Reiki because it is more well known, you may be interested in starting with Reiki. Both types of healing are powerful and can help to bring about a beautiful shift in physical and emotional health. 

What about Polarity?

Polarity is a blend of light bodywork and energy work, that seeks to harmonize the five elements within the body: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether, or Spirit. It is a beautiful healing experience in and of itself, or can be combined with other modalities. 

More about my massage services

Massage therapy is well known as a wonderful reliever of muscular pain and can help with healing from muscular type injuries. I combine Reiki and other energy healing with my massage, to help my clients achieve healing on all levels. Just as we hold energy in our energetic bodies, we hold it in our physical bodies as well, which are basically just denser energy bodies. Most muscle pain is simply blocked energy, except in the case of injury or strain due to excessive use. My blend of energy and traditional massage techniques helps to free up the flow of energy in the body, and to bring relief to sore muscles, as well as a general feeling or relaxation and well-being.